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What You Need to Do to Start an Online Business That Actually Makes You Money

Hi, I’m Robert Scheer, and I help people earn extra income in the information business.

If you’ve been trying to make money online but are feeling frustrated and stuck, now you can get expert coaching from one of the industry’s most successful teachers.

What if a six-figure Internet Marketing expert could take you by the hand and show you secrets you for earning a steady income in any niche?

Introducing the “Online Business Intensive!”

This five-Day training course was taught by an instructor I will call “Coach X.”

If I was allowed to reveal the name of this expert Internet Marketing teacher, I could easily charge many times more than the small price I’m asking, but they made me promise not to make it public.

What will you learn?

Day 1: Creating A System that’s Simple AND Profitable

How to choose a niche that will generate all the money you want. Follow the step-by-step instructions, and by the end of Day One you will have researched and identified your first gold mine!

(Bonus: You’ll also be given a list of the most profitable niches to enter.)

Day 2: Setting Up A Solid Foundation For Your Business

Nobody else teaches this easy-to-follow system for getting your online business set up and ready to go so fast.

Day 3: Adding Multiple Streams of Income

If you’re not monetizing, then it’s not a business, it’s an expensive hobby. You’ll learn a variety of simple options for adding money makers.

Day 4: The Right Way To Get Traffic

Forget all you thought you knew about sending visitors to a website. Get ready to be blown away when you see this complete traffic plan that will start you earning an income online faster than you thought was possible.

Day 5: Running Your New Business

“Coach X” shares their proven successful system for operating an Internet business on an on-going basis. It’s like owning a goose that keeps laying golden eggs!

10+ Hours of Expert Instruction

There are more than ten hours of solid content in this 5-day intensive workshop. And it’s not just theory. It’s been proven to work!

Imagine watching over the shoulder of a seasoned professional while they show you the precise, step-by-step operations they do to make money online. That’s exactly what you get in this Online Business Intensive.

In addition to five days of recorded teachings, you also get the complete collection of take-away material: resource lists, worksheets, niche lists, and more. These 12 documents alone are worth more than the entire cost of this offering.

Thousands of Internet business owners credit their success to the gifted teacher who created this Online Business Intensive course. Now is your chance to become one of them, when you finally discover what you need to do in order to set up and run an online business that actually makes money!